Monday, 25 February 2013

Starting over!

I failed again.
I fell out of the rhythm and felt a little under the weather over the weekend so binged a bit with some cookies and other nasties!
So I restart.....again.
First test is to finish the week. Then the weekend,  then the month etc etc.
it's 40 days till my first target race in majorca and its a big mountain epic (well out of my comfort zone of track racing in the velodrome). I hope to be under 80 kilos for this event and then see if I can stabilise that weight long term.
So here we go again with my targets and goals.  
No alcohol, no chocolate, no deep fried foods, no bread if possible and limited dairy.
So far so good today (although I have had a few pieces of my all natural homemade flapjack)
Take each day as it comes!


  1. Hope you got to the end of the month ok. Would you mind sharing your flapjack recipe?

  2. Next batch I make ill note the quantities and post them. I always change recipes depending on what's in the cupboard but basically it's porridge oats and museli (50/50mix equalling about 500g)' butter and organic chunky peanut butter (equalling about 300g) honey and sugar (200g ish)