Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day 7 - Thursday 7th feb

One week in and still doing well I think - well done me!
Petty straight forward today, my usual breakfast (soaked oats, yogurt etc etc), lots of fruit as a snack.
Had an energy drink whilst training (glucose solution tablet) and rice, pork chop and salad for lunch.
Made a huge chili with minced beef and mixed beans for dinner (had it without rice to lower carb intake again). Used a tinned tomato purée (which contains citric acid-not dreadful) and used chopped tomatoes and kidney beans from a cardboard carton as opposed to a can ( I've read a lot about dodgy stuff in tune lining of tin cans etc but also a lot about using fresh or dried beans being bad due to various toxins)
I'm going to do a proper weigh in tomorrow morning so we shall see how things are going.

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