Thursday, 21 February 2013

Phase 2

After a bad weekend (planned on a cheat meal on Thursday night but it turned in to 4 days of eating out and drinking due to unforeseen circumstances such as old friends come back into town for the weekend etc) I've been back on the diet since monday. The bad weekend put about 2.5 kilos back on (back up to 85 ish which was what I was when I started) but a few good days and lots of hard training has brought me down to low 83s.
Had a craving for chocolate again yesterday but managed to resist popping to the shops. To aid my dieting further I brought a whole lot of fresh fish (cod, tuna, swordfish) to add a bit of variety into my meals.
I think I've realised that the original diet was a little too optimistic and cutting out all non-natural foods is very very difficult and probably leads to a big crash. I'm being a little more realistic and considering things like a little cheese on a jacket potato a nice treat to have every couple of days.

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