Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Day 6 - Wednesday 6th feb

Energy levels feel quite low today but I am up earlier than normal as I have an early morning training session. Im also getting very tempted to cheat as I am craving chocolate or cake (something sweet that isn't fruit!)
It's also come to my attention that next week is valentines day and I've been informed that I must book a table at a restaurant. I've decided that I will use this meal out as a mid term reward for sticking to my plan. Still to sure if ill go the whole hog and drink alcohol (I probably will but not too much) this should give me something close to aim for and stop cheating and guilt me into keeping up the plan till the end of the month.
Got through the day without any major cheats although when I got home I found that my mother in law had cooked a sausage casserole that I couldn't resist. It was all ok in the main part with potatoes and vegetables (cabbage, mixed beans etc). Sausages obviously can contain some dodgy stuff but I think ill let it go. There was also gravy which I am assuming was from some sort of packet so contains god knows what. Technically a cheat but considering what could have been (chocolate, ice cream, beer etc) I'm happy.

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  1. Maybe you could try a spoonful of blackstrap molasses when you really want something sweet. It's nutritionally quite good for you as sugary things go.