Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Day 5 - Tuesday 5th feb

Got through yesterday without a hitch but very nearly succumbed to temptation.
I looked in the cupboard at lunch time and saw my wife's weight watchers  chocolate bars and was so tempted, then I read the ingredients the first of which being "bulking agent"?????? WTF!!!!! I left well alone.
A supper time I nearly had a pork and vegetable wrap until I read the wrap ingredients and saw things like "emulsifiers" and " whiting agent" so I just had pork chop and vegetables.

I have a hard training session on the bike today so my usual morning fuel of soaked oats etc etc and large espresso for breakfast. To help fuel the bike ride I may have to use a glucose tab instead of just water.
I may treat myself to some pasta for dinner (whole meal of course)
Weighed myself again this morning and I've gone down a touch more but it's hardly worth noting as its probably just daly fluctuation anyway (83.1 ish)

I can't believe I'm only 5 days into this diet/challenge! It feels a lot longer and I feel pretty good already. 23 days to go I suppose. Writing this blog has made things much easier for me too, writing down my daily plan really helps keep me focused.

In the end the days dinner consisted of a mixed paella which meant a minor cheat of some stock (2stock cubes and 1 gel stock)
It was so good I had 2 portions but I didn't start this diet with restrictions on portions did I ;)

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