Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day 3 - Sunday 3rd feb

Breakfast - soaked porridge oats, Greek yogurt and mixed berries, espresso (actually triple espresso!)

As I had a bike race ( reliability ride, basically a long and hard organised group training ride ) I knew there would have to be some minor cheats today. I took out one bottle of water with a electrolyte/carbohydrate tablet added to it (750ml), a banana and 2 nakd fruit bar thingys I brought in tesco last night (all natural ingredients) also took 2 sis energy gels as back up, just in case. 
Drank all the drink, the banana, both bars and 1 gel on the ride. When I got back to the HQ there was soup (I think it was some powdered soup stuff and bread rolls with fake butter spread. A had a small cup of soup and 2 bread rolls as there was no other alternative foods around and I had to ride home still. 
Lunch was stir fry of chicken, egg fried rice and mixed veg and I added a dash of soy sauce and rice vinegar. 
Supper will be salmon fillet and salad probably. 

A few little cheats today (powdered soup, fake butter and cheap bread are no doubt full of preservatives etc and the glucose drink and gels were a necessity) but 90 miles on the bike and probably 4000 calories plus makes me less guilty especially after hearing a lot of other riders talk about their plans for a few beers and a take away tonight. 

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