Thursday, 31 January 2013


Welcome to my new blog.
To be brutally honest, I don't care if no one reads this. It's not really for you, it's for me!
I've come to realise I am greedy! When it comes to food I just can't stop eating. I love food, I love chocolate, beer, wine, ice cream, fish and chips and all other foods both healthy and less healthy.
To counter act this I train - pretty hard. I teach karate every day, train in karate as often as possible. I also race bikes at the velodrome. If I didn't do this training I would be HUGE! Even with this training my eating has created a little bit too much of a spare tyre for my liking so I've decided it's time to do something about it.
About 8 months ago for some reason I started reading up on the foods I ate. I was quite shocked to discover something that is pretty obvious, foods are pumped full of crap that shouldn't be there and it's not really good for you. I decided to try and cut out these additives and preservatives and see what happened. The results was that I lost about 5 kilos and it has pretty much stayed off.
Fast forward to x mas and new year 2012/2013 and a couple of weeks of excess meant I put a lot of the weight back on. My New Years resolution was to go back on my all natural diet and shift even more weight than before.
This worked fine for a bit but a few temptations and meals out meant it didn't quite go as planned. I found it too easy to give in to a pizza or slice of cake and although I have cut out a lot of the bad foods, I am still not happy with my progress.
This is where the blog comes in. As of February 1st 2013 (tomorrow) I am going to blog my progress with my diet and training here. The idea being that if I have to face the reality of sitting down and writing about any blips in my diet it will make me less likely to cheat.
Basically my diet will involve only eating food that is natural, fresh and real!
Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and meat/fish are all in.
All processed foods are gone. As are sweets and chocolate. All alcohol is gone too.
Other foods to avoid are - bread or bread products, cheese, pasta is ok in moderation and tinned foods should be avoided where possible.
If it grew or lived its all good, otherwise leave it be!


  1. I'm the same with food! That's been a problem the last few months what with being injured. Doubt I could follow your diet as I'm veggie but I could try mindful eating as well as mindful running. If it's harmful/dubious additives that are the real problem couldn't you just make sure everything you eat is prepared from scratch using organic and wholegrain ingredients?
    I'll be following this blog, if only to shame myself into taking better care. Good luck!

    1. Eating food prepared from scratch is pretty much what I have been doing since last summer. I like cooking so find it quite easy. The general rule of thumb is that anything that food companies add to a product isn't for my benefit, it's for theirs! Either to lower production costs, increase shelf life or make the food look different.
      Thinking about what I have been/will be eating the only non fruit, veg or meat items would be brown rice, whole meal pasta (in moderation), rolled oats, honey,hummus, natural yoghurt (I'm still thinking about this one!). I'm going to try and go without things like soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, ready made stock etc and that's the hardest bit. Ill also have to have some sort of electrolyte drink and hi-carb bars at times when training on the bike (I need to fuel 4 hour workouts)
      I'm going to try and post pics of my meals and ill happily put recipes out there too.